Hey guys, I am looking for a decent reverb, phase, and OD pedal. I will probably have around $200 or $250 to spend. I like to mainly play stuff like Rush and Van Halen, but also a bit of Thrash.
I was looking at Phase 90, Holy Grail for reverb and a MXR GT-OD or MXR ZW OD?

Amp is a Crate V18. Thanks for thoughts and suggestions.

If it comes down to it I can do with out the reverb.
For an OD I'd suggest you look into the DigiTech Hardwire series or the Bad Monkey pedal.
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Digitechs Hardwire series is (apparently) very good, a lot of people say their OD beats the Tubescreamer, but i'm yet to try them.

The Holy Grail is an amazing reverb, and the Phase 90 is a must if you like Van Halen Don't get the EVH one though, i didn't think it was worth the extra cash.
Yea wasn't going to get the EVH one, any other ideas, especially for OD, I am absolutely clueless on them.
Schecter C-1 Classic
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Crate V18
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look at a jaques tube blower for a tighter clear bottom end, a ts 808 for screaching sweet crazy high end tones and an MXR 10 band EG to boost the gain and clear up you sound. and +1 for the phase 90. look into the EVH one because u can sound relatively vintage with the script switch on. but the zakk wylde od is pretty good 2.
well my favourite OD pedal is a Catalinbread Silverkiss, might be a bit pricey but i love it.

The best bang for buck is a Boss SD-1 that my friend modded with instructions off the internet, so if you're handy with a Soldering Iron give that a bash.

And obviously a Tubescreamer is a classic and you can't go wrong, the new Digitech Hardwire OD is said to be better, but TRY TRY TRY!!
Ok thanks guys, I planned on trying everything I could get my hands on anyway, but now have more ideas. What about reverb, the only one I really looked at was Holy Grail, any others I should look at.
Schecter C-1 Classic
Seagull entourage Mini-Jumbo
Crate V18
Vox V847 wah
Try sticking w/ mxr pedals they make one hell of a pedal. The phase 90 is nice, I would look into Voodoo Labs pedals as well. Analog chorus is sick, reverb is good too.
i dont know about reverb, im not much of a fan of it. i use my delay to get the reverb sound i like. but for phaser, get the phase 90, but get the script version. its so much better. and for OD, the digitech hardwire series is great. Especially under that budget, the script phase 90 and hard wire series OD are great choices.