seems like a cheap imitation since theres no serial number but i got it from a thrift store in okinawa for 20 bucks.. still works but i have to clean up the rust. it has two volume/tone dials (has 1 missing) and has a 5 way switcher.

so even if its a fake, what guitar does it look like its pretending to be? the headstock says "Bill's Brothers" and i cant find anything online about it.. any help would be appreciated, thanks
who cares if it's a fake. it looks nice and probably plays ok. could be a fun mod project. and you can't beat 20 bucks for a guitar.
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Looks like an RG of some sort.
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Aye, if it says "Bills Brothers", odds are it's a copy of an RG.

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so today i tried putting strings on it, put in the first string.. twang twang twang and bam the nut falls apart.. HAH

anyone got any DIY advice on replacing the nut?
That could be a copy of absolutely any super-Strat by a larger number of companies. Kramer, Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Charvel, Hamer, Cort, BC Rich, Godin, Schecter, Washburn, Peavey, Yamaha...
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Never heard of "Bill's Brothers" $20.00 even for a no name guitar isn't bad if it works. looks just like it's a copy and to me of a basic Ibanez. Can you take a pick of the head stock and logo? I would remove the humbucker and see if there is any brand name on the underside of the pup maybe to clue you in on the manufacturer. Is it bolt on or set neck I really can tell by the pic.

Buying a nut is easy, getting a nut to fit might be a little tuff. Usually you have to do a little work to get it set up right. The height has to be just right and the spacing for the strings right for the width of the neck. After replacing the nut you have to set up the rest of the guitar if you don't you might run into problems with action etc. I like to buy a blank nut and file my own string guides into it but that's me. I have the tools and guages so for me it's not a big deal.