So since i cant really try anything out i though asking you guys was my best bet.

Basically I have a JCM2000 and i really like the green crunch/clean channel (When EQ'ed right) but the red lead channel is absolutly awful!!
Its fizzy as hell! and just genrally sounds crap.

So because i figured it was a good investment because i can use it on future tube amps i thought till i can afford a new amp and find one i like ill do what alot of people do and boost the clean/crunch channel with a OD.

So whats your guys oppinion on a OD pedal. Im in the UK and have around £80 (Which is about $150 USD's).
I like hi-gain stuff but not really like proper metal. I would like to be able to reach sorta GnR Appertite era stuff and max prolly Van halen but i like it as versitile as it gets because i like having acsess to lots of diffrent tones preffribly at the touch of a button (this is why i am considering one of those pedals that has a OD and then a Boost.)

Cheers Zakk.

Edit: Oh and im more than willing to go used which chances are ill be buying used anyways if i can.
hbe power screamer if you need the higher gain tones, maybe. would need to go used. i've seen them go for around that on ebay. EDIT: it also has an OD + a boost, as far as i'm aware, anyway. my big D does, anyway. the boost does add a ton of volume though (depending on which mode the pedal's in), so if the one on the power screamer is similar, it might not be as useful as it at first seems.

problem is you can't try them first.
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You might as well sell the amp and look for a used JCM800.

Or you could look into boutiqe OD's, such as Catalinbread stuff.
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You might as well sell the amp and look for a used JCM800.

Or you could look into boutiqe OD's, such as Catalinbread stuff.

He CANT get a used JCM800 for 80 euros

EDIT: Sorry didnt notice the sell part.....
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I use a BOSS Metal Zone [MT-2] and I love it. It was about $100 when i bought it; may be cheaper now.
Also, take a look at Ibanez Tubescreamers.
i have a jcm2000 tsl60..bought an OD today. dont like it. its the digitech hardwire CM-2. it sounded great in the store, and it really helped out a marshall MG...but if ur looking to get rid of the fizz, this wont do it. it gave me tone a little more brightness, but added tonnes of noise..it kind of reminded me of a Krank-esque tone when i dimed the gain, but it was so noisy,feedsback like a SOB...and i had to keep the EQ below 3 to keep the total white noise down..think i'll take it back.....i think i might try an EQ pedal

EDIT; i prefer the sound of the gain cranked on the red channel with all the EQ's at about 1 oclock as opposed to the channel boosted with that pedal^ i cant seem to find a nice setting. it can get zakk wylde-ish fizz tone, but with tonnes of noise..loses clarity IMO
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