The Music - Is it about how good it sound, or how hard it is to play?

Poll: Do you like the music you like because
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it sounds good
120 94%
its hard to play which makes me good.
8 6%
Voters: 128.
How good it sounds.... look at Nirvana...
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
Music can be really difficult to perform and still sound like shit.

Dragonforce comes to mind.
how good it sounds.

what a ****ing ridiculous question.
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definitely how good it sounds. Dragonforce comes to mind to me as well. Their music sounds like **** and not even Herman Li can play his own music.
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How good it sounds, but it's fun to challenge yourself by making hard riffs and solos, but it still has to sound good.
Yea I chose option 2 because even if it sounds like sh*t, if it is hard, I am better than you and that is all that matters....

Sarcasm (but I did seriously choose option 2 by accident)
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How it sounds.

I'll take a Ramones song over a Dream Theatre song anyday.

I don't care about how hard it is to play, but personally I think Dream Theater sounds 100x better than the Ramones anyway.

Easy to play =/= Sounds good

Hard to play =/= Sounds like sh*t
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I don't care about how hard it is to play, but personally I think Dream Theater sounds 100x better than the Ramones anyway.

Easy to play =/= Sounds good

Hard to play =/= Sounds like sh*t

Good for you.
Lets take a look at the HUman Abstract shall we.

On Nocturn they had a wide variety of very technically sound songs.
The riffs were well coordinated, the sound was awesome and it was very had to play even for a intermediate to advanced player.

Now look at their sophomore effort. Midheaven. Although not as technically intricate clearly due to the departure of Aj Minnette, Midheaven wasn't as good as Nocturn. This beeing because the sound was poorly equalized.On most of the tracks the vocals were louder than the guitars. The guitars had horrible tone. It was sloppy

Sound is clearly more important than the technicality of a riff.

But in pit terms DRAGONFORCE!?!??!?!?!!?!?!!!
I could write that absolute hardest, longest song in the world in about half an hour and it would sound horrible. It's all about good sound.
I listen to music for both reasons.
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How good it sounds.... look at Nirvana...

Perfect example of why "sounding 'good'" doesnt really sound all that great.
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What's important is how it sounds. The only real connection the two aspects have is that stuff that's moderately difficult to play tends to have more depth and sound better than something that's really simple. Stuff that's too simple can get boring because of a lack of variation.
How good it sounds. Although there is a lot of technical stuff that sounds very good as well.
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haha who the **** says that music that is hard to play it wat they like... its definatly wat sounds good ... but **** is normally harder cause it has more complex melodys of harminic **** r w/e so hard to play stuff its good most of the time... i just hate when say that band sounds horrible nd sumones like but they have tallent ... w/e if they had tallent they wouldnt should like ****
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I hate polls like this because they imply that you can't have a technically challenging song that sounds good.

Between the Buried and Me. Seriously. I've never been more tempted to use one of those annnoying '/thread' things than right now.
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BTBAM is maybe a little too technical. Seems like they get their rocks off by including at least 400 genres in each song, usually in a non-tasteful way
well prog metal is awesome, sounds great, and is very hard to play.

so both

I voted for sound though
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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...