im currently using a Peavey Vypyr I Just Got It And Its Pretty awesome i gotta say so if anyone knows how to get a clean sound for their song "One" and a nice distortion sound for master of puppets while im typing might as well mention if any one knows a good setting for black sabbath im currently learn some of their songs so any advice would be appriciated
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get a pair of kirk's hands

WTF? Was that a failed attempt at a joke?
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get a pair of kirk's hands

Please don't! He puts the word 'Green' in Blues!
any other advice besides gettings kirks hands...

a pair of james' hands, lol jk, look it up, i had a book tht had their setting and equipment, too
Buy a wah, proceed to sodomize it
but seriously, the recto model would probably do kirk well for his distorted parts
Idk about the clean on one though
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Basically, turn your Midrange to 0, Bass to 3 o clock(may vary on how bassy your amp is) and Treble to 3 o clock( again may vary on your amp) Turn the gain up to ten.
That would be the settings for distortion channel, cleans im not so sure on
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Buy a wah, proceed to sodomize it

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