Ok heres some lyrics i've been working on for a bit.
I think they sound like i was trying too hard

The "Short Build-Up" is supposed to come after each chorus.
and i wasn't meaning to copy Frantic by Metallica, but i think the lyrics in this song needed something like that.

Suggestions? Comments?

(Main Riff)
(Short Solo)
(Main Riff)

Verse 1: The end is near, no need to fear, what might\'ve been.You regret your past, the pain will last, time will not go back

Chorus: Time stops for no man. 'Specially not for you. Time stops for no man

Short Build Up: tick tock tick TOCK

Verse 2: Your heart is dead, it's hard to forget, what could\'ve been, Your times being wasted, defeat will be tasted, time will not rewind.

(Main Riff)
(Main Solo)
(Main Riff)

Final Verse: You spend your time, living this lie, fear and ignorance. Purify your soul, dark as coal, thet path to redemption it is.

How about "Timeless" or "Hourglass"? "Hour of Waste"? The lyrics seem to deal a lot with time.
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


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ps: of the previously suggested titles, try hourglass if you like it.
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