How is it different than a regular 57' classic? Right now I have two classics in my SG. Obviously I'd put the plus in the bridge and keep a regular in the neck. I really have no way of trying it out before I buy it, so is it really that much better? I think my SG sounds amazing as is, but I'm always up for improvement. Thanks for any help!
Dude I played one with a LP Standard.
Though, I wouldn't pay the money, I'd get some Seymour Duncans
that are cheaper and compete with the tone!
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i don't buy these gibson's marketing crap. banging on about these pickups are custom wounded blah blah blah. get seymour duncan or bareknuckle. they make these gibson pups a run for its money.
i'm not sure if i've tried the two head to head (or even if i've tried both- i think so, though), but the classic plus is just a bit hotter, isn't it? not better, but if you need a bit more gain from your bridge pickup, that'd be really the only reason to consider it. gobson pickups are pretty dear, though, for what you get. depends on what country you're in, but personally i wouldn't bother.
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