I know a little bit of theory, but i cant write lyrics worth ****, even if i do write a song, the chorus is wayy to suckish...i read the songwriting lesson(s) on here and other sites, still doesnt help... i want to write a sad/depressing type song. and all i am good at is writing poems.

i cant play piano either, so im **** out of luck for melodies.... i play all acoustic if i ever write a **** song....

please help.
give me some base here or something....
Listen to songs similar to what you want to write. And dissect how they word. Structures, melodies, instrumentation, repetition, tonality... It helps to gain as much understanding of what you're aiming to write as possible, as least that's how I see if and it's helped me
you gotta read a ton of lyrics and try emulating them.

Garunteed you'll put out two albums worth of songs with ****ty lyrics before you make a song that doesn't sound like a forced and childish piece of crap.

It's just like playing guitar, takes a hell of a lot of practice to get any good.

My biggest piece of advise: don't be afraid to throw stuff away. THe chorus for the song sucks the most? THrow the whole damn thing out and write a new chorus for the same song. One verse doesn't fit with the rest? Cut it. It's ok to throw out your hard work beacause it sucks, or even if it's really good but doesn't jive with the rest of the song. I've had whole songs written to go with a piece of music, then ended up writing a completely different set of lyrics to the exact same vocal melody beause the old just weren't that good.

It feels weird at first, but you'll kinda get used to it.
So take Lewis' suggestion to heart and start wrte write writing while you're doing so. Crank out about 3 songs a week while keeping a real critical ear open for ideas, and you'll start generating some good content probably within several months.