Topic. I've been getting into Janes Addiction alot and i was wondering what you guys think of him.
Check it out! If you do listen, ignore the bass playing on the songs. I recorded them when i was alot worse then i am now.

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I do like jane's addiction but I dont think Eric Avery's bass playing is anything speical, but I think he put in a nice groove in songs like The Mountian Song, Stop, and been caught stealing
^ pretty much this. Not much flash with him, but he adds some nice rhythm-y bass in there. Better than some, worse than others. I found it kinda interesting that he tried out for Metallica, but its no fault of his for losing to Rob
Eric Avery is one of my favorite players. He's one of the few players I'd consider to be "perfect"; everything he does fits in flawlessly whilst making the song. It's straightforward, powerful, and awesome!
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