I can write lyrics all day. But I have really hard time coming up with music for my lyrics.
ah a problem that occurs frequently with me. Listen to all kinds of music, and try to find a tone for your lyrics, like a rhythm for you voice, and try to put some chords that will compliment your voice, and hell, you got yourself a song

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First write a completely unrelated melody. Do this on your guitar, just noodle around.

Than try to assign each syllable to a note from this melody. Make sure each line of your lyrics goes for exactly one phrase of your melody (check my sig to learn how to phrase melodies).

Force each stressed syllable onto each stressed beat of a bar (the first beat is always the most stressed). The stresses in a 4/4 beat are on the first and (to a lesser extent) the second beat.
To do this, you may have to add/remove notes in your melody. Check my sig on how to embellish notes.

You may also notice that you have too many/not enough notes in your melody. This can be easily fixed by embellishing/un-embellishing.
[U]        | |                     [/U]
[U]        |/     .-.              [/U]
[U]       /|_     `-’       |      [/U]
[U]      //| \      |       |      [/U]
[U]     | \|_ |     |     .-|      [/U]
      *-|-*    (_)     `-’
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Maybe add some notes to the words. Like a melody you sing when speaking the words. Try to add a simple riff to that and then build it up