ok so i know very little about guitars cuz i have to teach myself so i only learn stuff when i need it. but i'm learning more. anyway, i have a question about the sound i'm getting on my jackson. i have an ibanez rg that i barely have to press down on a fret and a get a sustained, clear note. but when i play my jackson, it's like the gain isn't up high enough or something because the note sounds kinda weak and it seems like i have to try harder to get a clear note. does anyone know why this is?
wait what
What pickups does it have in it? I used to get this sometimes on the performer series I used, mainly because of the pickups (Jackson pickups. Bleh, but still alright)
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i bought it used and the previous owner and put in new pickups. they're seymour duncans but i'd be lying if i could tell you what type
wait what