I'm looking to buy a used guitar and they gave me a picture of the back of the headstock with the serial number on it. How do i check if its legit or not?
send an email to the company that made the guitar ? my guess, since only a few brands have online serial # checkers.
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and click on specs...
you can check the model #, but I don't know about serial. I would say go with mikey's answer


If it's another company look on the other companies page?
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depends on the brand, there's sites that do it for you

its a gibson
try guitardaterproject.org
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What's the serial number?
What guitar is it?
The serial number isn't always a good way to spot a fake guitar. It's not exactly hard to fake a serial number, especially on a Gibson where they're well publicized.
If you've got pictures of the rest of the guitar, it might be a good idea to post them. There are a lot of people on UG with a good eye for fake stuff.