Floating on a whisper,
Or hurling through at pace,
Subjectively objective,
Just dreaming out in space,
coz I gave up on circadium Rhythm,
Away from it I spun, finding Plutonian vision,
I'm not on a mission, and its not my religion,
I'll tell you how to avoid gravity if you'll listen,
Your suspended on a law, mathmatical for sure,
Divide up all the numbers and you'll make the answer raw,
Express it all in zero's and you'll soon find the plot,
Send yourself to orbit and lose that weight that you've got,
Reasons as ideas,
And answers as forethought,
You can defy this logic,
If you divide it all by nought.


Oh space cadet, waste cadet,
What was the point?
Oh I forget...


Then a guitar solo for 3 billion lightyears
Once We Were Anarchists