I'm still getting pops even though I'm using a pop filter.
Is there any way to remove this on the recording?
Or do I have to rerecord everything?
In that case how do I prevent future pops?
id re record.

doesnt take a band a week to finish an album. look at GnR for that matter. or should i say, Axl & Co.
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could be anything from the mic to the distance it is away from the source...

for that matter, what is the source? Vox, guitar etc?

IF you're to lazy to re-record just run a hiss/pop filter plug-in over the track, it'll probably diminish quality though.
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That's weird.... you shouldn't hear pops on anything except a vocal. If *everything* is popping, the problem has nothing to do with a pop filter. It's pretty much impossible to remove noises like that with any degree of quality.

I'm wondering if you are hearing the pops that are typical of recording with too low a buffer setting (also called latency setting).

Can you post a clip?

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