Alright so I've been deciding whether to get myself an acoustic electric or just an acoustic. My question is, if I got an acoustic electric guitar, would it produce the same sound unplugged as a regular acoustic guitar?
acoustic electrics sound exaclty like normal acoustics however unless your doing a gig you really wont need an acoustic electric to amplify the acoustic
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acoustic electrics sound exaclty like normal acoustics

No, I'd say you're wrong. Cutting a hole in the side to mount some hardware will always change up the sound a bit. The difference wont always be huge though.

The biggest issue for me is that a guitar with built in electronics will never be just a wooden instrument with strings. Once you start cutting holes and mounting piezoelectric strips and things like that, you lose the simplicity of the guitar. I'm not unique in saying that it bothers me. If I need to be louder, I'll put in a removable pickup. Otherwise, I'll always go with a natural acoustic.
the only notable difference is that acoustic-electric is to play in front of a crowd
acoustic is to play in front a really small group of people, or to yourself
Alright, I guess and electric-acoustic could do both, so i'll go with that. (To above poster)