Would like opinions on the small guitars. I have two options, one being the "Baby Taylor" and the other being the "Baby Martin". These are nice guitars as far as portability and I have heard the Baby Martin played. It has beautiful sound. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have an acoustic, an electric and a classical acoustic/electric. I would love to add one of the baby's to my collection. Tell me what you think. Thanks!
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Baby Martin Deffinately

Taylors Arnt Worth **** Doont Waste Yer Money

i have a taylor, not a baby taylor, but taylors are definitely not **** they are fantastic as i love mine and a friend of mine has one that is also amazing. but id say try and play both before making any decisions ts.
Thank you for your opinions. I am now the proud owner (thanks "Santa") of a Baby Taylor and yes, it too has beautiful sound, just as beautiful as the Baby Martin. I love the guitar and look forward to alot of enjoyment playing it.
your an idiot... and have obviously never played a taylor... p.s. i mean the guy that said taylors are ****.. not the poster of this thread... im thinking of getting a baby taylor myself.. i have an alvarez to take places like the the lake but i think these look like the ticket
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So, you want a travel/parlour sized guitar? How about a Takamine G406S?
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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

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The guy who said Taylors are **** needs a slap round the face with a large fish.
I am also thinking of buying a travel size guitar.
I am leaning more towards the Baby Taylor after playing it in a shop the other week. Was Awesome!
However i haven't played the Little Martin, so i can't give too much advise on that.
The Martin sort of fails in my opinion. It's not loud enough, and Martin is usually synonymous with loud. The Taylor is RIDICULOUSLY BRIGHT. I mean like brighter than the sun. But that's Taylors in general.