Yeah, I posted all of this in the electric guitar thread and realised it wasn't supposed to be there, so since i don't know how to move it, i simply copy pasted here

All right, so I decided I'm going to sell my Crate flexwave half-stack, I kind of liked the way its clean channel sounded but damn, it all ****ed up, the company sent me another one and the one i received had the exact same problem out of the box ( of course, first time I used the replacement one was at a gig yesterday)
so now, i don't even know how much i can get out of it, i'm going to order another new one and sell that one, i guess i could get like 250-300 canadian $ out of it, is that possible? it was worth somewhere around 600 new, and well it's actually going to be new since i'll sell one that's never been played.
so now the question is: what can i replace it with? i don't want another half-stack, too much trouble to carry around and kind of pointless. I want a combo, and I'd like a tube combo actually, somewhere around 30-50 watts i'd say. My budget would be around 600-800 CAD, I play stuff such as Placebo, Depeche Mode, cranberries, as well as original compositions (on myspace: www.myspace.com/eldenband ).

so yeah, any suggestions?
edit: I use a sh*tload of effects and I'd rather have a good clean channel than a good distorted one

i already had a few suggestions: fender hot rod deluxe and bugera 333 2x12 combo
i think it would be way easier for me to find the fender one, i live in montreal, qc.

i also wanted to know about the peavey valveking, would it do me any good? and I know there are some traynor combos out there, i have a traynor/yorkville keyboard combo and love it, so maybe it would be also good ?
you might want to look into the crate palomino series. all tube, 2 channel.
The V32 comes in a 2x12 version and a 1x12 version. and they look classy.
They're discontinued.. but if you can find one they're great.
It can sound more full.
Sometimes, depending on what speakers you're using - I'll make an example. A 15-watt rated speaker may sound really good, but if you want to use it with a 30 watt amp, you're out of luck. So, you wire 2 of the speakers together, and the new configuration can handle 30 watts, making it safe for the amp to use them.

Anything else?

But look into the Traynor. There should be tons of them available, since they're made in Canada - and I prefer their fuller cleans to the Fender HRD. Takes pedals great, too.
yay =) thank you, now I understand !
i'm currently looking at the traynor YCV40 and YCV40WR and I'm wondering if there's a difference between the two except for the color, because the most obvious difference is the price...
also, when you have a tube amp, how often do you have to change the tubes? and do they break that easily? if I move the amp around for a gig, is there a high risk of breaking it up on the way ?
Skip the YCV40.
The YCV40WR has a better speaker than the plain YCV40. And there's also a YCV40T, which is more punchy, because it has 10" speakers.

As far as tube maintenance....
1 - Power tubes, if you use the amp quite often and/or crank it, will probably last about 2 years. Preamp tubes can last a bit longer. However, this is a general idea - my co-guitarist has a '74 Fender Twin Reverb, and it was retubed once, about 20 years ago, I believe. Still has those same tubes. My YCV40T was retubed about a year and a half ago, tubes are still going strong. I have band practice about 2 times a week, play for 2-5 hours, the amp's on the whole time.

2 - Break easily? Don't swing any bats at your amp or toss it down a flight of stairs, and you'll be fine. I leave my amp in the car for a lot of the time, bounces around...it's doing great.
Tube amps require nowhere near the amount of maintenance or gingerly care that some claim to be necessary.
all right, thanks!
I'll try and see if I can find one to try out tomorrow (today actually, it's 2 am)
Seeing some reviews on musician's friend, they compare it to a fender blues junior.. I don't play blues at all, does it change anything?
also, how is the gain on this thing, is it just a crunch or can it do some nice gainy leads ?
The Fender Blues Junior isn't just for Blues. Besides, you'll find that the realms of blues and rock cross more often than not.

I wouldn't compare it to a Blues Junior - unfair comparison. The YCV40 has more gain, two channels, and more clean headroom since it was more wattage.

The gain on it is a modern American kind of tone, with more gain and more of a midrange. You can get as heavy as Rage Against the Machine, easily, on its own, but it is also capable of leads. Just need to know how to dial it in.
woaaaaaaah man I tried the traynor ycv40wr and i liked it a lot! the other alternative i'd have is a vox AC30 thingie, i tried the 15 watts version and it sounded soo good but it's a tad more expensive and a bit less powerful... what do you guys think, traynor or vox ? getting hard to choose
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Traynors are GREAT amps. I think you should look at finding a Traynor YCV40WR.
Great cleans, like a more full sounding Fender clean, and more than enough gain for what you need.


I think its a good choice, you're really gonna like it. I tried one out before I tried out my YCS50. Amazing amp, The only thing that tipped me to this one was a few features, but I totally agree, the cleans are to die for.
I'm Joel. I play guitar. I am a student. I look at the cost of tuition, not in a dollar value, but in the guitars I'm sacrificing now, to be able to buy later.
yeah lol but I just started browsing the boards, started playing around '05, it's kind of weird because I can play well all the time but I get intimidated when I go to guitar shops, so I just look like a sloppy noob... Anybody else would think I'm crazy, can you imagine seeing that dude getting in the store, he looks like he knows what he wants, he plugs a 2000 dollars G&L into a marshall JCM and then freezes and forgets what he knows how to play...
in the end I just never get to fully try my gear lol, I bought my pedals after very little trying out, I didn't even try my wah when I bought it
i did try one about 2 years ago when i couldn't play very well and i loved it so much... but yeah, it's discontinued =(

or i can just get an sg and put some p-90 in it myself
or p-94

i got the amp today, it's sitting right next to me, i love it ! the only thing i love less is that the clean has a bit too much treble... although it seems to get easier to tweak when the volume is above 1-2, didn't go very high actually, it's sooo effing loud i can barely believe it, i put it at 1 and i couldn't hear anything else

well thank you very much for the advice on the amp, i love it !