critting while I listen here,

I like it so far it's got a nice airy feel to it. No bad notes. you're recording quality is a bit off I think it's just a bad mic probably. You need to change it up a bit it gets boring though make sure there is a definate like between the chorus and the verses and bridge and whatever, infact you should add a chorus and verse haha

but good job I like it alot...

6 1/2 outta 10 could be better but still sounds pretty good
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I like it very much, gave me ideas for a guitar fill in there when listening to it.
Thanks for the comments.
The recording is a little brutal, Im using a cheap mic through guitarport on audacity.
Also I'm not sure if I should cut it down to like ~2ish mins and keep it relatively the same or incorporate it into a longer song.
Would you mind If I collaborate with you on that song? I could have something done by tonight maybe
I like it and I know all about bad mics on home computers, that's what I'm using. I think the possibilities for incorporating more into the song are to great not to at least give it a try. How long have you been playing guitar? If you get a chance check my stuff out nothings done yet there just ideas at the moment.
jrthegreat91 thanks for the comment, i sent one over to you, nice music.
Ive been playing for about 2 years.
I really like the Rhythm guitar, it has some really nice chord changes
it's a little repetive, it could do with a chorus that livens up the song a bit, maybe a bass line and some vocals but thats just what i'd do, everyone has their own approach to songwriting.

good luck for any new songs


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