dear good people of the ug forum

how would I get clean tone out of my electric guitar that sounds something like a lapsteel guitar?

An example of what i am thinking of is at about 3 mins in this song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjHACWmO0jQ. (sorry i couldnt find a better example, capped internet and etcetera)

would i need to invest in a certain effects pedal, or buy a certain amp or play a certain guitar, or do I just have to man up and learn a lapsteel?

thanks in advance
To make an electric 6string really sound like a steel you need a g bender or b bender equipped guitar
To get a pedal steel sound on a guitar:

fret a double stop
bend and release the lowest note
let the high note simply ring
add a volume swell via a pedal or the volume knob


At least that's how I do them.
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