I have a Fender 15R and a Epiphone LP special II(Awesome huh LOL). Turning overdrive, the sound is somewhat muddy. If i try to play fast, it gets so muddy as if I'm messing up really bad. Is it the gear? Cause I played on my friends SG, forgot which amp, but it was awesome. I've been playing for 2 1/2 years now, i do have the money for new a guitar and amp but I really wanna earn my new guitar. Meaning, I can play what I want, and now I deserve a new guitar, exceed my expectations. It will motivate me to play harder on the new guitar and amp. So could it be my cheapy gear? thanks!
It is wise to get a new Guitar and amp (amp is most important). The amp gives you sound and the guitar helps you play better, find a good sounding amp and a decent guitar that you feel comfortable using.
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Agree with above although if you are truly good at guitar you should be able to rock on the cheapest walmart guitar
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Not entirely, lethal dosage

yeah, it's possible to be godly with really cheap gear, but that so rarely happens

if a guitar has cheap pickups (no name), unidentified wood, a terribly bent neck, horrible intonation, a bad setup, an uncomfortable bridge, tuners that won't stay in tune, and an input jack that wobbles constantly... then i doubt even virtuosos like Vai, Malmsteen, or God himself can rock hard with something of the like

i'm pretty sure matt bellamy would use it for a song and then crash it into an amp or something though

point is, TS, its been over 2 years, and if you feel like you're good enough, then you deserve new gear, and if you can afford it, then go for it
Quote by Lethal Dosage
Agree with above although if you are truly good at guitar you should be able to rock on the cheapest walmart guitar

That's true... unfortunatly you can't do the "Satch Scream" xD
no i mean the sound is bad, but I've been playing through it for two years. But when i speed up, it gets muddy . That is pissing me off, I use a lot of legato which sound fine because its not picked so often but picking and playing fast is a no no for my amp. Anywho, thanks for the help guys. Happy with that i got, get new gear later on.
Your gear IS your tone. Your amp is probably most important. The next would be your pickups, get a set that will deliver the tone you want. If you use pedals, make sure they balance well with your amp and pickups. The choice of your guitar wood is important too, and your fretboard wood as well. Strings can also play a role in your tone.

Research what gear will give you the tone you are looking for and find what works best for you. It's a process, but if you really care about your tone, it's worth it.