I was wondering if the Roland Cube 60 would be loud enough to gig with?

no big gig but like would it be loud enouh to gig with?

And on the demonstration video the guy says that the cube can be hooked up to a
4x12 cab?

Would this make it louder?

it's 60 watts?

thANKS! =]
The 60 is plenty for most small gigs. In fact, my 30 can handle most of them.
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Relatively small gigs yes, if you're playing a coffee shop or house party it will be plenty loud enough. If you're playing large gigs with 100+ people then all you'd have to do is either is run a cable from the line out to the PA, or mic it to the PA.
Any amp can be used for live gigs, hell I know ppl who have used fender practice amps for there live stuff (Stupid I know... Just pointing out it can be done)

No worries Mate!
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Its deffinatley loud enough for gigs, if you turn it up just a lil above quarter way its very loud even higher and WOO so yeah It could def gig no prob it has a line and external speaker plug in so you can get it louder if you need