Hey guys, here's my problem. I have a Traynor 100w head and a Vox Valvetronix 2x12 120 watt combo amp. I run the Traynor through my Mesa 4x12 cab. Basically, I don't like the clean channel on my Traynor and I want to use the nice cleans that I have in my Vox. How do I set it up so that I can quickly switch between the two amps mid-song?
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If you don't ever want to run both amps simultaneously, then just get an A/B pedal, not an A/B/Y. The latter will work just fine, but you're more likely to get confused and switch it wrong at some point.

Is that the Traynor YCS100H head? That's a nice one.
yeah that's the one. It's pretty decent but it doesn't punch like I want it to. I'm considering selling it and getting like a 6505+ or something along those lines. So I'm guess with the a/b/y the y button is to run them both simultaneously? I never even considered that. Is it common to run two amps simultaneously? What would be the benefits of doing that?
The only reason to run both is if you like the combined sound. The disadvantage is you can introduce ground loop problems, bringing all kinds of hum and feedback.

I would try a different cabinet/different speakers or a tube swap before replacing the thing. You can get amazing results with those changes. What's in the mesa cab? Vintage 30's?
you might wanna try running them both at the same time, i've heard of this being done a lot: 1 amp clean, the other dirty, run at the same time for a distorted sound with plenty of articulation.