A rather stupid question, but a question none-the-less;

Is string/fret buzzing heard through an actual guitar amp, or just on the guitar itself? I.E, if I hear buzzing when not plugged in (Acoustically), but I don't hear it when I'm plugged in (I.E, through the Amp), do I have fret/string buzzing? I have a C1 Hell-Raiser.
I also have a C1 Hell Raiser and I had the same problem with mine when I first got it

I brought it to my local guitar shop and had a complete set up done and it works great now Schecter guitars seem to to play best with the neck as straight as possible as far as fret buzzing goes its ok as long as its not coming through your amp many guitars do this

If you are getting buzz because you are a more agressive player which I also am then raise you action a little bit and see if it helps
You can also do that I reccomoned taking to a guitar shop that you trust and tell them exactly how you want the guitar to play and Im sure they can help you out thats what I did