I sing. i got a x port line 6 with a condenser mic. I play guitar. What i need

Guitar - acoustic /electric
bass - same as above

We got a drummer that i have been working with for a while. Any questions plz let me know. We are looking for a weezer, seether, stained, type of music.

PLz any questions just pm em or reply here. Let me know the following :

What instrument u play?
What u use to record?
Influences u have ?

Most of all be creative and work well with others. Non of this i am better attitude.
ty for your time.
My newest cover Rivers Of Babylon sublime style.


My gear:
taylor 310
Fender strat MiM
Cry Baby-GCB-95
Tone port ux2
tascam dp4
80s rock, classic rock, classic metal
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I sing. i got a x port line 6 with a condenser mic. I play guitar. W

Rhythm Guitar
My mobile phone
Tool. SOAD. Opeth. Porcupine Tree. Viking Skull. Led Zeppelin.

if you want an example of my stuff there's a few clips on www.myspace.com/lukemillershepjake
Im 17 i play electric and acoustic guitar. i use mixcraft and a rock band mic right now to record but i saw one of my christmas presents which is a nice usb mic. i play a lot of music but im pretty heavily influenced by weezer
im 18, play electric and acoustic guitar too. i use audacity and a usb mic to record. i can listen to pretty much anything (i mean that for real, everything from weezer to in flames to kanye west to ANYTHING else). playing influences are hardcore and metal but i'll do w/e. pretty much, im looking to have a fun time so pm me if you wanna
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Line 6 Toneport GX
SOAD, Chilis, Srj Tankian, Staind

If ur still up 4 it.
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