If you live outside of Canada, you've probably never heard of this guy. If you live in Canada, you're probably just starting to hear about his 2nd cd. Shadrack Kabango or (Shad K) is an MC from my hometown, he's just starting to get some slight recognition on Much Music lately.

Trust me, this guy is so incredibly talented, I've seen him in several local concerts and talked to him several times and mark my words you will hear about him by his next album. He coolest thing about him is that he actually plays guitar while rapping in most of his songs. Here's some of his dopest lines

(Rock To It)
Shad concocts plots and perfects clever scams
You can't find a Better Man in an Eddie Vedder jam
Plus my skills and sounds thrills the crowd
I could fill my mouth with Prozac pills and I'd still get down

(I Get Down)
When I utter these suttleties, brother please
I'm the biggest thing outta Canada since Pamela's double d's

Now you keep everybody's eyes on charts and schedules
And all the trends, trying to stack gold bars on medals
They want vessels, void and dark, the industy wanna make
Stars instead of music, it's the smarter special
Because art at a level this real can be harder to pedal
It's the work of a market that settles
For second rate, kill the true artists, martyr the rebels
That's the system and it's straight from the heart of the devil

(Brother Watching)
Saturated with negative images
And a limited of range of possibilities it's strange
And it's sad cause that naturally do sort of condition your mind
And over time that's what's attactive to you
See young black's don't see themselves in scolastic pursuit
The narrow conception of what's black isn't true
But ofcourse we feel forced to adapt to this view
With mental slavery, the shackles aren't lose
And it's hard to cut chains when they're attached to your roots
Don't be confined to a sense that you have to disprove
Any stereotype or so called facts to refute
Or match any image of black and say the established is true
Perhaps we'll break through the glass ceiling, shatter the roof
And emerge from these boxes that they have us incooped
And grow to smash the mold that they encasted of you

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