just tried out for a band i did all the vocals all exhale and all the lyrics


and here a the lyrics:

Unrestricted cranial decimation,
Dismantling limbs of the prevaricating pest

Prepossing the vitality of unpropitious notables

whitness the ending of everything as you know it,
gather the corpses from the walking diseased

we knew,
we knew everything

we will,
we will spread disease

when life's done with you
you'll be a piteous coward

Unrestricted cranial decimation
Dismantling limbs of the prevaricating pest

on the field of battle
it reeks of death
push aside the corpses
and make way for hell
It's like At The Drive-In lyrics, if ATDI played t3h br00talz.

And it sounds exactly like every other deathcore band ever.
No gods, no countries, no masters.
More guitar, less Ultimate-Guitar.
Be Serious.
Shorties represent!
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