I plan on doing the Strat-lover's mod from GuitarNuts. And I think I'll add the TBX control (with mods from blueguitar) to the middle tone control.
This is the mod: http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/stratlovers.php

For the mod I need to replace the volume pot and the neck-tone knob with Push/Pull pots. I am confused as to what the exact pot I need is. I am assuming that the current pot values are 250K, so I will stick with that value.

I was under the impression that logarithmic pot should be used for the volume while a linear pot should be used for tone. However, the only DPDT pot on the Fender site is listed as "Volume or Tone". Does Fender use one taper for all pots? Which one?
Fender pots page: http://www.fender.com/products//search.php?partno=0019066000

Also, between solid shaft and split shaft, which is better?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
The Setup:
Fender Standard Stratocaster
Crate GFX-30
Vox AD50VT
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You're correct, log for vol because of the way we hear sound and normally linear for tone but it can just as easily be log. 250k pots generally for single coils (although I think the TBX uses 1M pots?- no 1M resistor, knew I remembered the value in there somewhere )

I'd put money on the Fender pots being log but you don't want to buy them from there anyway, save money and get some someplace else.

There's no real difference between split and solid shafts unless you already have knobs which are designed for the split shaft.
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Almost all companies use Linear pots for tone and volume. Linear pots have a jump in the volume to human hearing though, so some people replace them with audio pots. Linear will be fine though.