I Have Windows XP So I Can't Use Garageband For This

Does Anybody Know Of Any Programs That I Can Use To Record My Guitar?

I Have A Mini Jack Adapter For My Guitar Lead To Connect To My Computer But I'm Just Having Trouble Finding A Program Which Supports This
I Would Blackle (Google) what these guys say, But GarageBand still take the prize on my list.
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Quote by Matt420740
^ Yep Audacity. Its free and better than most you pay for. Nice and simple

I actually disagree with that....Reaper is worlds better and not high in price at all...

TS, read the pinned posts and see the one on sequencers or software...
better yet, try searching the forums before posting. We get too many of these type of repetitive posts each day...

Also, if you really want to record your guitar you should use an audio interface. It will get you a DI jack for instruments such as bass or guitar and mics too. The interface will then communicate with a sequencer, be it Sonar or Reaper...and act like a high end sound card to get your audio onto the computer.