I'm looking into getting my first effects pedal.
I want a distortion one
I got a couple of questions
Is there any difference between fuzz/overdrive and distortion?
I'm on a budget of like £45, not a lot I know.
So I was thinking of getting a BOSS-DS1.
What do people think of it?
I'm after a fuzzy/grungey/garage sound like Mudhoney/some Nirvana.
Do you think it will be possible to get that sound with the pedal?
My other equipment is a crappy strat rip off and a practice amp.
But I'm getting a Roland Cube 60 watt after my birthday in January.
Does anyone have any other recommendations that are in my budget?

also, might as well ask this here...
what the hell does a chorus pedal do?
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If you're getting a cube then there's no point buying a pedal, the Cube has plenty of options for distortion as well as onboard effects.
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zoom g1/g1x. i have one, once you get used to using the setup, its really good. it also has a built in tuner which is v useful. you can make loads of different custom sounds. i have the g1x with the pedal, which is kinda cool, but when footswitching between presets i tend to hit the pedal and it turns the volume down, so it might be worth going for something diferent. visit haax.se for some pre made patches,
I'm new to all this
would I be able to rely on the amps on board effects for gigs?
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overdrive is designed to push the tubes in your amp (if you've got them) far enough so that they literally over-drive causing them to clip at low volumes instead of having to crank your amp to get natural overdrive.
distortion is similar to fuzz, they both just clip the signal sending it into distortion, however fuzz is a lot harsher (usually) because it clips the signal a lot more and volume of playing has less influence over the amount of distortion caused by a fuzz.

Close, but wrong.

Overdrive simulates the sound of overdriven tubes. However, some people instead set up the pedal most as a volume boost, which causes the tubes in an amp to overdrive. However, an overdrive does contain a clipping circuit itself.

Distortion is the same as overdrive, but generally far more extreme.

Fuzz chops the top of your signal off completely, giving a square wave-ish effect, rather than the smoother clipping in overdrive and distortion.
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