ive been looking for a rackmount effects unit for christmas, and i haave almost made up my mind on the g-major. i was looking into some line 6 stuff, but i dont really need any amp modeling. when i saw that the g-major was just an effects unit that could also switch an amps channels via midi i started looking into them. they are a lot cheaper than the line 6 or boss rack gear and imo sound better. right now my amp is a crate gt 212 i like the distortion and im probably not going to have enough money to upgrade it for awhile. as for a midi controller i plan to use a behriger fcb1010. if anyone has used either of these pieces of gear a short review regarding the quality and durability would be appreciated.

I have one, and i must say that they're really good, except for one of the parameter knobs, it fell off But i guess it's mostly because i've been kind of uncareful with it..!

Otherwise i think it's great!
May I note that it's imperative that you get a good shock mount rack case. The G Major is a fantastic unit, especially for it's price, but as mentioned there are some common problems when they aren't babied.
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I have a G Major. It sounds absolutely amazing, I really like it. You have a tun of options for effects and whatnot. It does not have any distortion, btw. Just letting you know. some people DO have durability problems, but I wouldn't know because mine just sits in my rack case in an air conditioned room, and it never moves :p
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