yeah i heard there are only like 12 different notes that you can play and that song similaraties are very rare.

edit: oh and GNRjungle...that newb posted that because he didnt mention Bogner Design...you already know by now though but jus sayin'

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Who cares? It's a random coincidence.

And Taking Back Sunday aren't emo. Although even if they were, why would it matter?
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Confused? Good.

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^ Irony

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I'm tired of people complaining about songs sounding similar. It's unavoidable in music. I doubt Foo Fighters "stole" from TBS.
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there is this foo's song i forget which one but i think the video there was a car that was push off a bridge or something
that sounds a lot like one arm scissor
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TBS ARE EMO! Cute without the e..... how more emo can a song title get???

And Metallica have a song title named 'Fade to Black.' How emo can a song title get?

The title of a song has nothing to do with anything.

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