I am going to buy a squier duo sonic body, but want to put a standard strat neck on (I don't like short scale guitars). How far would I need to move the bridge so that a standard srat neck would intonate correctly?
Duo sonics are nothing like jazzmasters.

And it's a loaded body for sale, not a whole guitar.
You may or may not have o move the bridge. But in any case we wont be able to give you a measurement without having the guitar in front of us. Some fenders could be had with short scale and regular scale necks on the same body. So it may just drop in but as its a squire maybe not. Squires are made to metric MIA and MIM are made to inch patterns. Youre gonna have to buy it and do some measuring.
Cheers. I'm getting it pretty cheaply so I'll buy it and do some measuring.