i know theres like a zillion threads like this but i need help. me and my gf agreed not to get presents for each for xmas other cos we both highly unimaganitive with gift giving. but shes suddenly thought of a good present for me so now i have to get her something or shell think im a dick... sooo i need ideas
and good ones.. not rape n such

weve been together for five weeks, her hobbys are guitar, musicals, romantic **** haha and my cash limits about $100

and i know its a ****ing stupid idea to ask the pit for advice... but i rlly need help with this

and excuse my spelling. its never been my strong point
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Depends on the relationship, how long you've been together.. personality.. hobbies.. ect. Gotta give us more than that shes your gf lol.
Girls like jewelery.. clothes.. and fancy dinners.. elaborate from that i guess.
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cash limit and interests.
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inb4 dick in a box.

Get her some shiny jewlery and an uber sexy guitar strap =D, with lights... And....... Yeah I'm out =(
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oh oh i should mention that her parents are getting her a electric acoustic guitar. any ideas based on that are good.
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inb4 dick in a box.

Get her some shiny jewlery and an uber sexy guitar strap =D, with lights... And....... Yeah I'm out =(

haha i asked her if she wanted a dick in a box and she said yes. but no im giving her this at her familys christmas thing. could be a bad imperssion.

i should mention shes getting an electric acoustic for christmas. any thing based on that is welcome
take her out to see a musical on christmas eve
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Get her diamonds.. That'll shut her up.
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Do something together like cooking classes, massage classes or rodeoclown training.
DR makes special strings specifically for electric-acoustic guitars, their made to react with the electronics to get better tone
Their called DR Zebra string they look like this

and are also packaged like this

some other ideas
-picks (in her favorite color)
-a capo (depending on her style of playing)
-a wall hanger(or a few if she has more guitars)
-a tab book for her favorite band
-a guitar pick necklace (they sell them at www.rockabilia.com and hot topic and are made with different band's logos)
-a Band t-shirt
-a cd she doesn't have

if you want links for some good deals i can help you find them
just PM me
Take her to see Twilight. But bring a guitar and amp and halfway through start playing I Cum Blood really loudly.

Then prepare to get killed.

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Jewelery. Make sure its nice. Don't get her something you think is functional, because it won't be.
Christmas presents should be things you want but don't need. She probably has everything she 'needs'

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