so when i was showering, i thought of something that was on the edge of my mind, i was about to masturbate then, but, i insisted and told my mind to "quit playing games with my dart" and so,

if i switch to higher gauge of strings, will it eliminate some fret buzzes?. just want some oppinion from other guys.

so, thnx in advance, for those who will post replies. cheerrs!!
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Prolly not.
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I would imagine it would be the opposite?

Higher gauge would probably bring more fret buzz.
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Yeah, I think so. You might need to check intonation afterwards though.
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Three common causes of fret buzz...
1. Uneven frets
2. String height too low
3. Truss rod improperly adjusted (too much relief (up bow) or straight neck or maybe even too much back bow)
Learn how to read your neck relief and how to measure string height to help assess the problem.
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yes, it will

ohh,, different oppinions, i guess i have to try it now. to get some serious answers.
If all else fails, you better contact your mother! COME ON!