Sine the day that she left me
I was never the same
Never thought that I would be
after all of the pain
Too bad I didn't know what this meant back then
That it was something good
Even though it was the end

People thought because
That I didn't know
what any of this means

Since all this has been over
I've been making plans
To get rid of the old me
And build a better man
I've been doing alright
Loosened myself up,
now I'm not so uptight

I got a new girl
I got a new school
Just started totally over
Since then its been pretty cool
A lot of people think its totally bull

Every stupid mistake
Has led me too you
Thats why I have no regrets
Just try things to see things through
learn from my mistakes
and try things that are new

About that girl
She says shes falling for me
But I'm still waiting round
For the day she opens her eyes and sees
How much I wanna be with her
how much she means to me

Was quick in the beginning
since then we've been taking it slow
Just trying out something new
called going with the flow
Hope it all works out
Guess I'll see in the end
But I dont want to just end up friends

Not even close to complete, thought I might get some help patching up the holes in it from you guys...

Pretty old too...

*Since, *to. If you don't care about apostrophes neither do I if you're singing it. If you are, try it out with the music to get the flow right, and the syllables even.

Some context would help us to patch it up a little. Is the second stanza a chorus?

Perhaps you could exchange 'get rid of the old me' for 'dispose of' or 'destroy'.

I think leave out the 'totally' in 'a lot of people think it's totally bull'.

The 'every stupid mistake' stanza seems good the way it is.

'How much she means to me' is a bit cliche, change it up a little. Maybe 'what she is to me' or something.

Sorry I couldn't be bothered to make this crit into prose. I'm lazy, so what? I liked this piece and though it wasn't the most poetic or original I think it sounds nice and would make a good song. Good work and if you want any more details let me know.