I want to know what your all time favorite setup would be,
from guitar, amp head, cabinet, combo, cables, effects, anything goes.

My ultimate setup would be:
Guitar: Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody Spruce Electric Guitar w/ Moon Inlays
Amp Head: Bogner Alchemist
Cabinet:Marshall 1960AHW
Effects: Boss GT-10, ISP Noise Reduction.
My Guitars:
Epiphone Prophecy LP GX
(Scenic Painted) American Project Strat
LTD M-10

My Amps:
Peavey XXL
Peavey 5150
Marshall 1960a 410

SELLING 360 $200USD obo
Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom, Alpine White aged to cream, chrome hardware and Floyd Rose
Customized Gibson Flying V*
Customized Epiphone Alleykat

*I've detailed this in another thread somewhere...

Peavey 5150 III Full stack.

Pedals: Wah. Nothing else.
there's too many of these...

mine would be some kind of ESP with an OFR and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
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