Hi guys. I read another thread on some distortion and overdrive and some guy mentioned overdrive "driving" the tubes in an amp till they clip while another guy says that the overdrive simulates the sound of overdrive tubes. And the other guy says that most people set up an overdrive as a volume boost, which causes the tubes in an amp to overdrive. But what happens if the amp being used doesn't use any tubes?

Also, I heard about modding EMG 81 pickups to 18v instead of the usual 9 and I heard that this will increase its clarity. I experience alot of noise when I play chords, which come out somewhat crackly and noisy, screechy or something. I experience it with my pedals and the amp distortions. I use a BOSS MT-2 with an SD-1 overdrive. I've tried playing the same chords on an Ibanez Toneblaster and I still got that noisy sound. . . Any help anyone?
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