In the past day I managed to find 3 old songs of mine and figured I would share them here. The fourth song (Oblivion), some of you may have heard when I posted it here a month or two ago. I remixed it briefly (in 30 minutes). It still needs remixing (and recomposing), but I kind of like some of the additions.

Song list and genres:

Oblivion- Death metal (esque)
Sustained- Acoustic with inspiration from Cradle of Filth vocally
Interlude of Ruin- Death metal (esque). I find this one to be funny, its really old.
In the Shadow of my Tears- Indie Acoustic with clean vocals and some synths for good measure.

If your interested in checking them out and commenting/critiquing they're on my profile page (click my user name).


EDIT: To add, your probably going to need to turn your volume up for the acoustic songs. Since they're old I dont have the Audacity (yes I mix with Audacity) files to remix them louder.
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