I have a Series 10 Professional bass made in the late 80's or early 90's. I've always loved it, mainly because it was my first guitar, but also the neck feels amazing. Now that I have some fresh slinky strings on there, its slap tone is really cool. I'm thinking about overhauling it with all new electronics but I've been wondering if its worth it, mainly because I have always seriously doubted that the body is real wood at all. So today I take the cover off and scrape some of the insides with a utility knife to see what came out, and it seems to be fiberglass!?!?? Don't know what to think of it. Any thoughts?
Pics or didn't happen.

On a more serious note: don't worry about an instrument's market price. It's only as valuable as you find it to be. My guitars aren't overly expensive (probably 1500 in all 3) yet i wouldn't change them for any other guitar because i love the way they sound and feel.
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You tell us if it sounds good.

If it sounds like its worth modifiying up then do it. If its a lump of junk atm, its always gonna a lump of junk.

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You tell us if it sounds good.

Slapping sounds awesome. Frets 1-5 sound fine. Open strings sound bad because there's this horrible hum if I let go of the strings. Playing closer to the bridge sounds bad because I have a Kahler trem bridge that doesn't allow the intonation to be adjusted far enough.

I was going to put a hipshot bridge on it, BassLines quarter pounder pickups, and all new pots, wires, and shielding. Hopefully that'll fix the bad stuff.

So basically I'm going to do it anyway. I'm just trying to get opinions on what's up with the fiberglass.
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by the sounds of things, it's made of plywood as opposed to fibreglass. I may be wrong though.

I had assumed something like that until I scraped some of the material off behind the back cover. I took a knife and dug into the back of it. It's real gritty, hard, white, almost crystalized, and when I scrape it off it leaves strands of fibers. Looks just like fiberglass to me. It's possible that the rest is wood and this is some kind of plastic or fiberglass insert I guess but this part is definitely not wood.
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And what exactly do you wish to improve with this electronics?

I have way too much hum, bad and scratchy pots, and very cheap pickups.
+1 on plywood theory.

the upgrades sound very nice to me.
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well if its actually fiberglass, and you touched it...

Fiberglass will stay in your hands for oh... I don't know.... 2000 years. In other words, you will rot first.

So with that being said, its probably not fiberglass. +1 to the finish I think...
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Not fiberglass - that'll be either a shoddy undercoat of the finish, or electronic shielding paint. Sorry to ruin your dream.

And a change of electronics, resolder, new pots, caps would do wonders for hum and smoothness of the pots.
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yeah i reckon it is plywood too.

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