I have a gibson sg special faded and am looking at getting somewhere near that angus young sound , would angus signiture pups be some of the answer , also my amp is a fender super champ xd and i have the following pedals which may or may not help boss sd1, marshall jackhammer, marshall bluesbreaker, and marshall reflector thanks for looking all sensible suggestions welcome
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
You want what is basically a high power PAF. Something around 8.5K to 9.5K in the bridge and 8K to 9K in the neck. Both pickups should use alnico 5 magnets and have nickel silver covers. The Angus Young pickups should work relatively well but they cost a lot and there are other pickups that will do a better job. My silverback set is perfect for Angus tone and costs about the same amount as the Gibson pickups. BKP's VHII do the job too but they are a little on the expensive side. If you are on a bit of a budget then Seymour Duncan 59 would be good for the neck and A DiMarzio PAF anniversary pickup could do the trick in the bridge.
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Thanks for the reply, does he use both pups together to get the sound then? do you have a link to the better ones in your opinion please
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
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Depends on what he is playing. He uses all the positions. The key is to have a PAF style picku p modeled after the ones made in the early 60's For 2 or 3 years Gibson wound the pickups hotter because they got a big shipment of wire in that had thinner insulation than what was "normal" at the time. Modern wire has the same insulation which makes it possible for modern makers to get exactly the same tone. The problem with brands like Gibson is that they use the wrong type of wire. Duncan uses the right wire on his 59 but it isn't hot enough. Dimarzio makes their anniversary pickup hot enough but it isn't the right type of wire.

My silverbacks are better than most "boutique" PAF's and as good as other major hand winders like BKP but I try to keep them more competitively priced.


Here is a link to the BKP pickups which also fall within the specs that you want. These are very good pickups and, right now, BKP is probably the most respected brand in the business.

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