Guys, after my shocking experience with Godin, I am in the market again for a new leccy guitar.

I play rock stuff, filthy stuff, clean stuff and some bluesy licks now and again, so would want something that ticks those boxes.

Budget is £600.

Interested in American Fenders (strat & tele), ESP/LTD stuff (lots in my price range here) but open to other suggestions.

Slight preference towards humbuckers, but again open to suggestions. I want something with decent pups and something that inspires me to play.
Michael kelly guitars!
i think that they're the best for the money. most models are humbuckers with coil taps so you can get those single coil sounds too.
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what was your shocking experience with godin? I have never played or even seen a godin guitar. But i have read great things about them.
Quality control. Issues with two instruments that ruined my experience with them. I'm not for one minute saying they're poor instruments. Just a bad experience.
i know they've been beaten to death on most forums, but i've got an agile 3500 and its a great great guitar love it! great guitar for the money
that sucks about the godin. i've only tried one, but it was pretty nice.

personally, with £600 i'd be trying to get something either japanese-made, or made in europe/USA etc. you should be able to get a MIJ Tokai for that, if you want a gibson-alike guitar. Ibanez MIJ RG prestiges should be under budget too, if you want a more modern guitar. sometimes you can get good deals on patrick eggles, JJ, Gordon Smiths etc. too. Framus might be worth a try too, but i haven't been able to try those.
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