My friend told me about kevin smith coming around here in feburary at a performing arts center. But what would he do live? like stand up? or something like an evening with kevin smith?
He stands there and answers questions/tells stories.

Look up the DVDs "An Evening with Kevin Smith" and "An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder", they're hilarious.

I wonder if this means he's doing a tour... I should find out and get tickets if he comes to Toronto.
jesus, go get tickets now

chances are he'll be doing more of his Q&A stuff

edit: just checked his site, looks like it's something he's only doing in NJ one night

oh well, chances are he'll tour again soon

double edit: i was wrong, the NJ one is the only one advertised on his site at the moment


Toronto, Feb 6th
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I just want another Jay and silent Bob movie from him.
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jesus, go get tickets now

Listen to this man. GO NOW!

Seriously. Kevin Smith's Q&A sessions are pure gold. I hope I get the chance to see one live some day.
I went to see him out of curiosity, wasn't sure what he'd be doing. He answeres questions and tells hilarious stories. It's amazing go see him.
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I can picture him coming in as Silent Bob, just staring for a half an hour or so, and then breaking down and openly weeping on a stool for an hour and a half in an awkward silence...
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Ask him to tell the story about the time he went to a protest for "Dogma" in his hometown.

Hell, just youtube search "Kevin Smith protest Dogma."

It's pure hilarity.