I wrote this song about a year ago, and it reminds me of lettuce.
I wrote it after listening to Temple of the King by Rainbow so its "inspired" by that.
The volumes of all the different instruments are a bit messed up in midi but you'll get the idea. Crit for crit.

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

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Ok, Good work, The rainbow atmosphere it's ok
The Acoustic track is very good, but the electric part can be better in some points, it needs a blackmore feeling, bluesy, melodic and often slow
Listen to the "ariel" solo (Stranger in us all)
Good work, 8/10


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i dont know what you were aiming for (not what im really into), but i thought it was quite relaxing. i wasn't watching the tab play for most of it, i was just listening. it sounded pretty nice to me.

i didn't notice anything bad sticking out of it, but that might not mean much because i dont participate in the genre its in so i can't really scrutinize it all that much.