ya the one i put up a few days ago was called "ALPHA TINTRO" the new is called "Exmortis Bravo" and i must say im getting used to using logic instead of the former garage band.

im happy with the results. but tell me what you guys think.

also anyone care to try and class this in a genre?


if u want me to crit yours just say the word bros..and girl bros
sounds awesome bro

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The tone sounds a little harsh for me - especially for the chords. Also did you loop that beginning part? To me, some of the transitions don't really go smoothly (like the one around :40 and the clean part). The ending made me laugh - it would be better if the chord cuts out at the end of that short sweep, for effect. Overall there were some cool ideas, but I think the main riff got a little repetitive for me.

Check mine out?

ya apprioecate it. ya for the life of me i cant get the chords to sound as clean as id like them.
the sweeping part is more of an inside joke for one of my friends who always talks about it.
ya i couldnt really tihnk of a good trans for the clean part either hah.
save for the chorus i kinda came up with this song spur of the moment. but again THANK YOU for your honesty.
Lol my personal advice for transitions from heavy sections into clean ones is if all else fails sustain the last chord and just slowly bring the clean part in under the sustained chord as it fades out. The riffs in this are really cool the mixing is eh, but you said you changed programs soo i guess thats understandable. And yeah the tones need to vary more inbetween your lead and rhythm it's hard to hear the lead clearly when the rhythm comes in.

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