Okay, so here is a song I've been working on. It's nowhere near completion, but I'd like to know what people think about it. It's fairly simple, but I like it. I guess this would be the intro, and maybe a bit more of a song. Lemme know what you think. I'll crit4crit, because I'm not a douche.

Also, there will be drums and bass added in the blank spaces at the beginning. I know it sounds weird to have empty space in a song lawl.

Update 12/23/08: Added a few more bars to the song. I like to think they continue the song pretty well.

Update 12/24/08: Almost doubled the length since the last incarnation. It seems to be making more sense as I add to it. There is now a little breakdown that probably needs improvement, and the beginning of what could be a cool solo.
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Pretty heavy, I can imagine it with other instruments, would sound brutal as ****, I liked the riffs, especially in bar 10.
I wouldn't make it in 16/8 though, it doesn't really flow well.
Well, to be honest, I wasn't a fan.

You had a good idea, I liked the beginning, with the chords almost droning, and in parts being slightly offtime. I could see like, a good bass fill going in there. However, bar 8 was...off. It broke up the flow, and sounded....well... bad. I liked the chords used in bar 9, but in general, it was still to disjointed to work.

Bar 10 was the best one. It had a good, solid riff, which managed to be both on time, and offtime. Reminded me of meshuggah.

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