Hi all, just uploaded another MP3 of a song in my profile, and like the title says, it's influenced a little bit by Insomnium, and has a little bit of a core side to it. I submitted a GP5 tab for it in the tabs section of the forums, and the lyrics are floating around in the S+L forums somewhere.

But anyways, it's a rough demo with plenty of fudges, I just need some advice on how to make things flow smoother, and general thoughts and opinions are always welcome

C4C, of course

Thanks in advance
thats really awesome, dude. i have parts with some of my bands songs that would sound amazing if instead of having clean guitars, they'd be acoustic. For live purposes, theyre clean, but the album with be awesome. but yeah... i digress. Your music is really good. if you have a myspace for any of this, give my band an add.
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