thats all, well not really but thats the start

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Blue's scale

Lot's of bends, vibrato's, sliders, hammer on's.

there is ( i forgot the name) scale shape/ box diagram;

e 5 --------- 8
B 5 --------- 8
G 5 ---  7 -- 8
D 5 -----7
A 5 --6--7
E 5 ---------- 8

play that over and use the 6th fret on the A string and the 7th fret on the G string for adding those blues notes, maybe bend them, hammer on to them, slight vibrato when playing them.

Also sliding from the 5th fret's on the D & G string to the 7th fret's add's a nice lit touch when playing blue's etc.

That's just what i do though, other people may say diffrent.
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learn the 6th string major and minor pentatonic scale along with 5th string major and minor pentatonic scale.