I'm looking for anyone in the ottawa area who wants to start a band. i want to start a pop punk band but less main stream (like paramore but again less main stream). so i need a guitatist(lead and maybe rythm because i'm not that good) bassist and a drummer. i wrote a couple song but they're all on acoustic so we can beef them up and write more (in other words i need people who really want to do this, who can write music and can be committed to this project). I'm a girl(14 years old. you need to be ages 14-17. don't want to to freak out my mom) and i know thats a setback for somepeople so just letting you know(and i'm not wanting to start a all female "girlpower!" band. i actually perfer to work with guys).if this works out there is a possiblity of using my basement for a pratice space, but i have neigbors right above it so it might not work. if you have space that would be amazing!
so if you're interested just let me know!

P.S this is not a uber serious life or death situation(sorry if it sounded that way) i just really want this to work out because it's the only thing i want to do with my life. I'm actually a really layed back person(but can also go over the top with my werid/randomness )
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im goin to ottawa in september for school , wouldnt mind if u still need when i go up there
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