im starting to look at higher end amps for myself, right now i have a roland cube 30x. Right now im looking at the peavey 6505+ head, mesa 2x12 Rectifier Vertical Slant
cab and the hot plate attenuator.

http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Guitar Cabinets/RECTOcabs/Recto2x12V-LG.htm



this WILL be need to be used in bedroom levels also. My guitars are an epiphone les paul special edition II, a schecter hellraiser c-7, and my own make: a rhoads style v with emg's.

My questions are:

1. will this be suitable enough to get a good sound at bedroom levels while using the attenuator? and if not, how can i?

2. is there anything that you can suggest that would go better with my current gear for around the same price range?

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You'd need an attenuator yes, but i'd recommend a weber mass over the thd hotplate.

Though I'm unsure if they make an attenuator rated high enough to cope with the 120w the amp puts out, would be something to look into.

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An attenuator is a must if you are buying a big wattage tube amp and plan to play it at home. I like the 6505 for rock and metal playing. Also check out the Mesa Rect -O-Verb combo. Its in that price range and sounds great. It is also very versatile.