Poll: Xmas isn't fun anymore?
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Yes I agree with you
5 33%
No I don't agree with you
5 33%
I dont give a **** as long as I get my presents
1 7%
Leave me alone, I just wanna get drunk
1 7%
Leave me alone, I just wanna f*** my gf in da ass
3 20%
Voters: 15.
No, not really.

As I get older, I find myself finding the gifts aren't as heavenly as they were, and I find that I hate shopping for people as the act of shopping for gifts and the way people act during it ironically contradicts the 'meaning of Christmas'.

So yeah, it's not fun.
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Christ...mas .... hey!! Christmas is Christ and Mas put together!! Christ as in Jesus Christ and Mas as in....Mass...a...cre?....
I love that it's the only time of the year when we're not all up each other's asses around here. It's when we come together as a family
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